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Vision Test in Queens

Vision Test in Queens

When you come in for our vision test in Queens at Fabulous Optical, you can certainly count on having your eyesight evaluated to determine if you need eyeglasses or contact lenses. And if you already wear one or the other, our eye care will center on whether you might benefit from an update to your existing prescription. As important as it is to have your vision checked, it isn’t the only vital aspect of our eye exam. Our optometrist will also screen you for common eye diseases, most of which would do undetected in their early stages. Symptoms typically don’t become noticeable until the more advanced stages, after damage to your eyes or some degree of vision loss has already occurred.

Your vision changes over time, and what used to be ideal for you might be inadequate now. After all, everyone who wears glasses or contacts had a first time. Why struggle to see up close, far away, and/or in-between? Even just seeing okay shouldn’t be sufficient. Our vision test in Queens is designed to ensure that you have the very best eyesight that you’re capable of, at all distances. And with a new or updated prescription for corrective lenses, you will reach that goal.

When we refer to common eye diseases, we mean those such as glaucoma and cataracts, which can affect anyone at any age; and also those that are more specific, like macular degeneration, a concern only after age 40; and diabetic retinopathy, which can impact you if you have either type one or type two diabetes. Our vision test in Queens includes baseline tests for those eye diseases that are applicable to you, along with additional testing as needed so that our eye doctor can reach a diagnosis. If you do show any indications of eye disease, you can feel confident that we will outline the appropriate treatment and management options for you.

Because the well-being of your eyes, as well as sharp, clear vision are both so essential, we suggest that all our valued patients have our vision test in Queens once per year. If yours is due, why not call us right now and schedule it?

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