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Optometrist near Jamaica Queens

Optometrist near Jamaica Queens

Many people can see perfectly well on their own, but having a vision impairment is not at all uncommon. Millions of people have some form of vision impairment, whether it be in the form of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or anywhere in between. If you happen to have any kind of vision problem, then it is easily treatable with the help of some form of prescription lenses. Eyeglasses tend to be the most commonly used, as well as the first ones prescribed for people especially when it comes to treating vision impairments in children, but many people look to contacts in order to see clearly without being encumbered with a pair of frames. You were looking to get contact lenses, then our optometrist near Jamaica Queens can provide you with what you need right here at Fabulous Optical.

When it comes to creating a vision problems, it is important that you have your eyes tested about once a year. While it is important to look at the overall well-being of your eyes, routine eye exams can also look at the quality of your eyesight as well. The quality of your vision may change over time, and this applies to people of all ages and with all different kinds of vision impairments or qualities. Even people who have lived with perfect vision for most of their lives experience some form of visual decline as they get older, typically over the age of 40. If you happen to have a vision impairment but wish to add contacts to your arsenal, then you will need to see an optometrist for a comprehensive contact lens exam and fitting. Here at Fabulous Optical our optometrist near Jamaica Queens can provide you with what you need. First, our optometrist will look at the overall health of your eyes and determine whether you can wear contacts on a daily basis without any problems. From there, they will look at the overall nature of your vision impairment in order to determine whether your current prescription needs to be updated or not. Plus, if you wear glasses, you will need a slightly different prescription strength for contacts due to the nature of the form of vision correction and its distance from the eyes. Once this is complete, you can go through a contact lens fitting or you can physically try on different samples of contacts in order to choose which one works best for you.

There are many different reasons why contact lens exams and fittings are important. In addition to determining exactly what you need in terms of contacts, a contact lens fitting allow you to learn exactly how to take care of your contacts from day to day and how you can use them in a healthy and safe manner. If you happen to be interested in getting contacts, then simply call us here at Fabulous Optical to schedule an appointment with our optometrist near Jamaica Queens today.

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