Eye Doctor near Jamaica

Contact lens exams and fittings in Jamaica

Eye Doctor near Jamaica

Eye Doctor near Jamaica

With our contact lens exams and fittings, you can feel confident that your experience in wearing contacts prescribed by our eye doctor near Jamaica will be a positive one, free of potential difficulties and discomfort; and providing you the sharpest and clearest vision possible. We at Fabulous Optical want you to be comfortable and to enjoy greatly improved vision with contact lenses.

The difference between a standard eye exam and a contact lens exam can be found in the additional details that are tended to. When you wear glasses, the lenses don’t touch your eyes, but with contacts, they do. And so our eye doctor near Jamaica takes the additional time to examine your conjunctiva, corneas, and eyelids, the parts of your eyes that the contact lenses touch. The point is to detect any reasons for concern in terms of your eyes being negatively affected when you put in your contacts. Irritation, inflammation, and even infection are possible if there are issues that have not been remedied. If a problem is indicated, you may need to choose eyeglasses or be treated before being able to confidently wear contact lenses. The fitting is also an important part of the process. First of all, centering the contacts ideally will give you maximum vision correction. And we also want to be sure that they sit well, and don’t feel uncomfortable. The simple fact is that you will be more motivated to wear them when you need them if they don’t cause you any problems. When contacts are painful or frustrating to wear, people are more likely to find excuses to not put them in to begin with.

Let our eye doctor near Jamaica do a complete checkup, including our contact lens exam and fitting. Your eye wellness and your optimal vision are closely linked. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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