Elmont Eye Test

Comprehensive eye testing in Elmont

Elmont eye test

Elmont eye test

If you would like to have the best vision you are capable of having, and healthy eyes, the most effective way to meet those goals is comprehensive eye testing here at Fabulous Optical once per year.

Do you have an existing pair of eyeglasses or contacts? Sharp, clear vision is what they provided you when you first got them, but the real issue is whether or not they are still doing that now. Your vision needs are always changing. An update to your prescription could be exactly what you need to bring your vision up to the level you deserve. With our Elmont eye test, that determination will be made. And the same it true if you have never needed to wear corrective eyewear before. You might be struggling or squinting and not even realize it because you’ve gotten used to it. However, you could have vision that’s okay. Well, the point of our Elmont eye test is to elevate it from okay to excellent. It makes a big difference. If you’re fortunate, your eyes are healthy and free of symptoms, but that does not necessarily mean that you are fine. Common eye diseases, which include cataracts and glaucoma, develop and then progress through their early stages without any obvious warning signs. By the time you notice that there is reason for concern, it may mean that you have suffered a degree of vision loss or damage to your eyes, both of which might not be reversible. Early detection is valuable. There are treatment and management options available so that you can at minimum avoid further harm to your eyes or vision loss.

Schedule our Elmont eye test by contacting our office right now and arranging a time that is convenient for you. An annual visit is essential to address anything that could go wrong with your eye wellness and your vision.

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