Optometrist in Kew Gardens

Optometrist in Kew Gardens

Comprehensive eye testing in Kew Gardens

Everyone should have routine checkups on a regular basis. With things like annual physicals and biannual dental cleanings, it is also important to remember just how vital eye exams are too. Of the doctors you visit regularly, your eye doctor should definitely be one of them. That way, you can stay on top of your eye health, your eyesight, and even your general wellbeing. Here at Fabulous Optical, our optometrist in Kew Gardens can help make sure that you and everyone else in your family gets the complete eye testing they need every year.

Fabulous Optical is a family-owned eye care practice that aims to be your one-stop shop for all your vision needs. Located in Jamaica, Queens NY, we have been operating in the area for over 13 years and now have 3 locations from which we strive to serve the community better. We offer a wide range of services including comprehensive eye exams, contact lens exams and fittings, emergency medical exams and treatment, a large selection of designer eyewear as well as affordable options, full service contact lenses, in-house lenses, and much more. Eye health should never go overlooked, and eye health refers to more than just your eyesight. Eye exams here our office include disease screenings, and we also look out for signs of other issues that may be detected during an exam, such as early signs of diabetes or high cholesterol. Vision screenings are a bit different, and they aim to test whether your eyesight has changed, whether you need glasses (if you don’t already wear prescription lenses) as well as what your prescription needs to be in order to improve your eyesight. Our optometrist in Kew Gardens does it all.

Whether you are simply overdue for an eye exam or whether you suspect that something is wrong with your eye health, then all you need to do is call us here at Fabulous Optical to set up an appointment with our optometrist in Kew Gardens today.

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